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Underwater Robots Top-side visual inspection and retrieval of objects on the sea floor can now be achieved remotely
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After half a year of severe tests and research, our ROVs have been upgraded with new functions. They are:

  1. Depth Sensor and Auto Depth Sailing;
  2. Water Surface Compass and Underwater Compass, which could quickly and accurately find out the positon of the operator and the ROV;
  3. Equipped with 1080P HD Camera, Clear Sight of Underwater Circumstances;
  4. Materials: Stainless Steel, Corrosion-resistant and Pressure-resistant;
  5. Inside Magnetic Coupling Motor, Speed Controllable, Powerful and lasting;
  6. Subsea Special Cables, Can lift 100kg weight;
  7. LED lights can track the cameras all the time;
  8. Equipped with Powerful Thrusters, Each thrusters’ thrust being 20kg;
  9. Options Including 19 Inch LCD, 500G NVR, Sonar, Sea Charter, Metal Detector, Manipulator, Inverter and Reel with slip ring;
  10. Depth varies from 50m to 100m. Special needs can be fulfilled according to actual needs;
  11. The fire control system will be on the market soon, which could be applied to large factories, subways and places with crowed people. It is highly efficient and quick.
  12. With collaboration between our technical team and domestic well-known professors,
    this special Pipeline Inspection ROV has been successfully designed and manufactured after half a year’s hard work,
    This ROV can be applied to various fields, including underwater pipeline inspection,oil and gas pipeline inspection,
    working inside the pipes, clipping objects, offshore oil rig, tidal power stations as well as offshore wind power stations.
    The dimensions of the ROV is: 600*180*230mm. The minimum diameter of the pipe is 100mm.

For special functions, we could manufacture according to your requirements.

ROV pipeline