Orca-B ROVs are the pioneer of  underwater working robots that are controlled from the surface and capable of staying submerged indefinitely. These ROVs are ideally suited to a variety of applications including picking objects underwater, goods collection, and project quality inspection.




Equipped with battery groups located in lifeboats, suitable for small boats

With multidirectional cameras to have all-round views underwater

With 5-axis mechanical arms to pick up objects in all directions easily

With stainless steel hull to increase diving depth and avoid rusting and crashing


Accessories for Orca-B  ROV

  • 5-Axis mechanical arm, stainless steel manipulator claws
  • All stainless steel welded hull
  • Cable length: 100 meters
  • 3PCS 700 lines HD cameras
  • 10.4 inch high –light screen
  • 3pcs 20 W LED lights
  • Optional power supply: 36V DC ( lead battery group) with standby 4-8hours
  • Outer power supply : DC 36V&AC 220V(transformer)
  • Internal 16G DVR recorder, video text overlay
  • With water-proof and high strength control case
  • Joystick operation platform
  • With goods collection basket




Additional Options for Ocra-B

  • With 5.4 inch color Sonar/GPS/Sea Charter; With display of course; Auto distance off bottom
  • With metal detector
  • With 1080P HD camera, 500G NCR, 52*45*23cm imported control case 19 inch LCD
  • With cable shear hydraulic clamp