Orca-A ROVs are completely mobile underwater camera systems that are controlled from the surface and capable of staying submerged indefinitely. They can dramatically reduce search time, as well as the risk and high cost associated with diving operations.  Equipped with the remote metal detector the ROV becomes a high tech search system capable of locating weapons, unexploded ordnance, pipelines, buried treasure, and other metal objects.




Key features of the Orca-A ROV

Control box with built in 8-10.4 inch monitor, three high power thrusters to control the forward, backward, left-turning, right-turning and up and down of the ROV,  Illumination for the front camera is provided by two 20 watt lights . An internal video amplifier adjusts picture quality to optimize the video for water clarity. The motor can reduce forward resistance and increase the depth of diving through inner empty design. All-stainless steel housing ,anti-corrosion, anti-collision; Scratch-resistant glass camera lens to ensure the long-term use. Video amplifier to adjust picture quality, audio amplifier to record voice with video, the ROV’s small size and light weight make it easy for one person to deploy and operate.

Accessories for Orca-A ROV

  • Depth 5-100m
  • 700 Lines ,12 times Zoom Camera, with 220 degrees vertical rotary and360 degrees horizontal rotary lens
  • 8-10.4 inch display control box, highly water-proof
  • Two 20W LED light, special lighting technology that light tracks the camera
  • 36V  DC ( battery group); 220V  AC(transformer)
  • Internal 16G DVR recorder, video text overlay
  • On-screen display for Time/Date
  • water-proof control case
  • Joystick operation platform
  • Size L/W/H(mm) Weight (Kg): ROV: 90x45x35; Control Case: 52x45x23.




Additional Options for Orca-A

  • With Single function (open/close) manipulator claws
  • With 5.4 inch color Sonar/GPS/Sea Charter
  • With display of course, auto distance off bottom ,fishing stock, wreck,etc
  • With metal detector
  • With 1080P HD camera, 500G NCR
  • 52*45*23cm imported control case 19 inch LCD
  • With cable shear hydraulic clamp