Key features of ESB-G-ROV

Cable length 100-150m, salvage object maximum diameter up to 80cm

Salvage weight:120KG, Maximum power:80W

8-19”high-light LCD monitor,image can be clearly displayed even in the sun.

Build-in DVR,8-16G memory

USB interfac: easy to export.

20W LED spot light,color temperature 6000,

Fog-proof camera resolution: 700 line

12 times zoom camera, optional 1080P: optional

Power:DC 12V&AC 110V/220V

Efficient charging battery 36-48V battery

Damp-proof case packing


Advantage:Total has two mechanical claw,one height is 40cm, good for big item such as some crab cage、breeding cage etc, the other one height is about 50cm,and distance between this tooth is about 3cm,very good for small items,even in the muddy ground. The two mechanical claw could be removable and switchover through operating the big thruster control forward, backward, make a turn, accurate salvage underwater