Sea Patrol 630

SEA PATROL 630 is a true all-weather cruiser!

  • The boat can also be equipped in different ways for a variety of users:
  • For fishing enthusiasts trolling equipment is available.
  • For divers – specialized means of descending and ascending to the boat, larger lockers, equipment mounting means.
  • Comfort equipment – running and mooring covers, “WEBASTO” heater, radio station, detection and localization systems, and more.

“SEA PATROL” is indispensable for the emergency and supervision services, lovers of travel and adventure, as its rapidity, stability, small sediment and high load capability with a small weight makes this boat unique in its kind. “SEA PATROL” is capable of on the one hand to fulfill professional goals with a high level of comfort and security, and on the other allows to transport it on the ground quickly and without any complications.

The cutting is placed in the front of the boat and covers the cockpit area from balloon to balloon. The cutting has a steering console with different devices and a fairly large space for stuff in the nose. Two swiveling seats for the driver and the navigator let you easily and naturally after the end of the movement switch to relax and socialize with people that are in the cockpit. Cockpit is large, it accommodates several people with ease. Well-located and functional bow, stern and roof railings allow you to safely and conveniently move around the ship in any direction and in any weather.

“SEA PATROL” has a capacious (290 L) fuel tank. A large number of lockers can comfortably accommodate cargo inside the boat. «SEA PATROL» was created as a public multi-cutter. Using the advanced options it can be adapted for various tasks, in particular, we can equip it for trolling fishing. Requirements for fishing boat are clear and simple. Firstly, it must be easy to work with gear for a number of people. Secondly, the boat must offer an ability to hide from the weather and spend the night. Finally, good navigability and devices for trolling. At night the boat may be covered with a tent, so you can comfortably sleep, thanks to the heater.

“SEA PATROL” hull has a deadrise of 210, has a system of longitudinal and one transverse redans. Balloons are made of PVC with a diameter of 500 mm, they have 5 sections, which offers, if water floods the boat, positive floatage. You may choose from a variety of engines, starting from a 115 hp engine, which allows the boat to reach the speed of 41 knots at 5500 rpm. Thanks to the brand system, the hull resistance is reduced in a wide range of speeds. Boat is stable in turns and has a mild stroke.

From all written above we can conclude that this boat is a perfect choice, it is versatile for use in all weather conditions and is suitable for both day and night.

Boat dimensions allow transportation on public roads with ease.

Length 6.45 m
LWL 5,3 m
Cockpit Length 3.05 m
Width 2.45 m
Cockpit width 1.44 m
Weight 620 kg
Capacity 1500 kg
9 people
Length of the transom XL — 635 mm
Engine 115; 2×100; 200 hp
Full speed 90 ;105;110 km/h
Cruising speed 75;90 km/h
The diameter of the balloons 0,5 m
Number of compartments 5 pcs
Material of inflatable balloons PVC
The density of the balloon materials 1350 g/m2
Draft housing 0,32 m
The angle of deadrise at the transom 21 gr
Category CE C
Color  gray, white, black

Sea Patrol Патруль size1

Standard equipment

  1. The case with the balloon, bow and stern locker
  2. Eyebolts, oar-stroke, the pump to inflate the balloon kit
  3. Fiberglass cutting section
  4. Set of glasses to the bridge (triplex) with pasting
  5. Wiper blades (2 pcs.)
  6. High-strength fiberglass battery box with a disconnect switch
  7. Built-in fuel tank of 290 liters with the sensor and the fuel gauge
  8. Handrails on wheelhouse
  9. Onboard lockers in the cockpit (2 pcs.)