Sea Patrol

“SEA PATROL” is a boat with great capabilities.

It is a RIB class boat with a rigid hull and inflatable boards – new production model of “EstBrand” company, developed and released in association with Russian and Latvian manufacturers exclusively for European market.

“SEA PATROL” with a half-deckhouse has outstanding seaworthiness, comfort for the crew in all weather conditions, and is designed for a wide range of customers: fishermen, divers, nature protection services, rescuers, etc.

“SEA PATROL” is indispensable for the emergency and supervision services, lovers of travel and adventure, as its rapidity, stability, small sediment and high load capability with a small weight makes this boat unique in its kind. “SEA PATROL” is capable of on the one hand to fulfill professional goals with a high level of comfort and security, and on the other allows to transport it on the ground quickly and without any complications.

From all written above we can conclude that this boat is a perfect choice, it is versatile for use in all weather conditions and is suitable for both day and night.