About us


Hantik Trading Group is a group of Companies united by general management, ownership, offices and development strategy.

The Group consists of Wholesale Trading and Business Supporting Companies with head office in Tallin and branches, offices, partner companies in more than 14 countries in EU, Asia and CIS.

Trading activity of our Group companies includes a wide range from food till industrial supplies.

Our main Trading Companies are:

Hantik Hulgimuuk OÜ (Hantik Wholesale Ltd.) – established in 1991.
Main directions: food staff (coffee, tea, sugar, rice, buckwheat, milk products, fish and meat frozen products, fresh fruits and vegetables, e.t.c);

Intermont OU (Intermont Ltd.) – established in 2005.
Main directions: general commodities: raw cotton, raw wool, cement, rice, guar meal, soybean meal, palm and sunflower oil, fresh potato e.t.c);

Hantik Maroc S.A.R.L – established in 2013.
Main directions: Fruits and vegatables export from Morocco.
Wood, carton, paper, food ingridients import to Morocco.

Estbrand OU (EstBrand Ltd.) – established in 2006.

Main directions: machines, equipment and spareparts, construction instrument, tools, special equipment.

Estbrand OU is also providing forwarding (sea/land/air) service mainly to our group companies.

We are also participating in scientific research programs in the following areas:

  • Natural sources water purification till drinking standards
  • Industrial Wastewater cleaning and purification till industial usage standards
  • New methods of non-mechanical crushing and demolishing of metallic and non-metallic materials with metal impregnations (metal ore for example).